Friday, June 3, 2011

Update on the Not Alone Book

Time for an update on the Not Alone book!

Our first submission deadline was May 24 and at that time, we had 31 submissions. I'm really pleased with the stories that we have received so far. The courage displayed from the authors is moving and I believe this project will have a positive impact on those who read it. I am grateful to those who have been so gracious in sharing their writing and their lives thus far.

All that said, we are extending the submission deadline to June 30 to allow for others to share their stories for the book. If you let time get away from you before, there is still time for you to submit your story for possible inclusion in the book. I'd love to see another 10 submissions this month. We're looking for stories to fall between 1000-2000 words and our categories are: Recognition/Awareness, Acceptance, Recovery, and Post-Depression Reflections.

If you head over to the Civitas site, you can download the updated project document. If you have already submitted, know that we'll be beginning the editing process over the summer, so if you haven't heard from Jonathan or me in a while, have patience! We'll be contacting you regarding any edits sometime in the next couple of months.

Again, I just want to thank you for your support of this project. The retweets, the Facebook shares, the encouraging comments, the promotion of this project on your blogs - you make me all gooshy and smiley. All of these things are making a difference in the lives of those affected by depression. You are having an impact and you should pat yourself on the back.

And if you can't easily reach your back, let your earholes be serenaded by the awesomeness of Mumford & Sons. Have a fantastic day.


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