Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

Time once again for a list of my favorite reads of the week. You know the drill. Read. Comment. Share.
  • Great post by Matt Appling about some of the dialog that has been going on around the blogosphere about people (though more directly, women) letting themselves go. I think his points are pretty spot on.
  • Loved this list of television scientists from Astronomer Phil Plait. I particularly like that Professor Farnsworth made the list. I am slightly disappointed that Phineas & Ferb did not.
  • A bunch of bloggers wrote about creative blocks on Thursday. Matthew Paul Turner wrote my favorite with a letter from Creativity to Christianity
  • Rich Chaffins uploaded some new videos featuring two of his guitars, the Revelator and the Protos. I still think it's remarkably cool that someone I get to hang out with actually builds guitars, especially ones that are so stinkin' gorgeous.
  • I thought that Ed Cyzewski knocked it out of the park with his post about our need to be right. (Though I still love steak.)
  • And in my favorite feel-good story, after hearing of a church in Oregon being tagged with Flying Spaghetti Monster graffiti, Hemant Mehta and 200+ other atheists raised over $2600 to help pay for damages. You can check out his piece on Fox & Friends here. (Big time Christian bloggers, take note! The next time an atheist billboard gets mangled, maybe we could do something similar? We probably won't have to wait very long.)
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Leave a link in the comments to your favorites and feel free to pimp up your blog!


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