Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guest Post at

Last week I was happy to be able to host a guest post by Caleb Wilde. And due to our mutual disdain for stink bugs (seriously, what is WITH those things?), he has graciously allowed me to post over at his blog as well. Today I'm posting about Becoming Disillusioned:
I love a good magician, or as GOB Bluth would say, a good illusionist. Watching someone perform an illusion can be really entertaining. I enjoy trying to figure out how they did it, trying to find the bit of misdirection, trying to suss out just where the quarter came from. Even though I know that the whole thing is a trick, I find the show to be entertaining.
Head on over to Caleb's site to read some more. I mean, it references an Arrested Development character in the first sentence. How bad can it be?

As always, thanks for your support. You guys make me all smiley!


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