Monday, June 13, 2011

Nothing But Butts

Butt Rockphoto © 2008 Chuck Coker | more info (via: Wylio)

One of the best things that's happened to me in the past two years has been getting to play with Under Shelter. These are some of my very favorite people and I love getting to hang out and make music with them. It has it's frustrating moments every now and again (doing even just minor parts of life with six other people can have tense times), but honestly, I love people who make me laugh and every single one of the folks in the band are crazy funny. Even when we're trying to hash out the stupid Cha Cha Slide (really, I have dark, evil thoughts about whoever thought that "song" was a good idea), we still manage to laugh it up.

In our quest to be a more well-rounded cover band, we are wanting to put together a tribute to the derriere. So many songs have been done about the butt, and we would like to pay homage to them with a medley, detailing the numerous musicians who have come before us who have given the booty so prominent a place in the annals of pop music. We're going to call it the Gluteus Miximus (courtesy of my husband).

What we need from you is to know what songs must go into a medley about the hiney. We cover music from the 50's through now, and would really like to include something from each decade. So in the comments, please share your favorite song dedicated to the rear (please include the decade from which your selection hails).

And if we ever become famous for being "that band that plays the ass medley," know that you helped.


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