Monday, May 23, 2011

White & Nerdy

I thought that when Jason and I took the kids to see They Might Be Giants performing Here Comes Science, I had reached the pinnacle of my nerdy musical experiences. And until last night, that was probably true.

But last night...well, last night blew all prior nerd experiences out of the water. Because last night I went to see Weird Al Yankovic live in concert.

I got a text on Friday night from Rich saying that he and Corey (the drummer for our band) were heading up to Pittsburgh to see Weird Al and would I like to go? I hemmed and hawed and Jason said, yeah, I should go. So yesterday morning I went ahead and gave my okay to drive up to Pittsburgh with them to see this show.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I enjoy Al Yankovic's music and know most of his really popular works, but I'm not a die-hard fan. (Note: very few non-die-hard fans attend Weird Al shows). I was not in any way disappointed.

The whole night was just a top-notch performance beginning to end. Tons of costume changes (almost every song had a costume change, not just for Weird Al, but for the whole band), super tight band, boundless energy. From Polka Face to kick off the show to Yoda as the final encore (including the Accordion Rapture), it was just a fantastic evening. Seeing an adult man strip down to a SpongeBob t-shirt and a pink tutu is about the best thing you could ask for.

But honestly, what made the evening really great was having friends who say, "I have a nerd bucket list and this is near the top." It's great having friends who will shoot you a message for a somewhat spontaneous road trip. It's great knowing that when people are laughing at you for being a nerd, it's okay because they love you anyway. It's great to know that people "get you."

Here are some of my favorite pics from the night (thank heavens I travel with folks who have better phones than me so I could share something with you - used with permission!):
White & Nerdy from Corey

Amish Paradise from Corey

Eat It from Corey

Perform This Way from Rich

Fat from Rich

What is your favorite Weird Al song? What was the best concert you ever attended? What's the nerdiest thing you've ever done?


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