Friday, May 20, 2011

The Right Regrets

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. ~Arthur Miller

If the world ends tomorrow (or in October, which is when I have a feeling it would more likely end for me, since I don't think Harold Camping would count me in the group that will be a part of tomorrow's rapture), these are the top 5 regrets that I'd like to have:
  • I was a friend to my kids. I know you're not supposed to be friends with your kids. And I don't see myself in strictly that position by any means. But if I'm more friendly than I'm supposed to be, well, that's a regret that I don't regret that much.
  • I invaded other people's space too much. I'm a hugger. I know not everyone is comfortable with that and I do try to be aware of other's preferences, but if I accidentally hug someone who would rather not, I'll feel bad for making them uncomfortable, but not that bad.
  • I watched Arrested Development at least five times in the past year. That show was awesome. Yeah, I could have done something more productive with my life rather than watching the antics of the Bluth family, but I my regrets at the hours and hours I spent watching that show are very small.
  • I had inappropriate amounts of PDA with my hubby. It's gross. I get it. But I love that guy more than anyone else and if my hand on his knee bugs you, deal with it. I don't even know if that counts as a regret, because I don't regret that like, at all.
  • I was too heavy-handed with the message of grace. I sometimes think I should be pushier about encouraging people to believe in Jesus. I think it's good and I love what my faith brings to my life and I hope that there's no doubt that I'm a Christian. But I also think that a measureless love is really and truly beyond any kind of measure, and that being the case, I'm going to trust in love.
I'm sure there are others I could add to this list (eating copious amounts of Ben & Jerry's Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream only narrowly missed this), but those are probably the top non-regret-regrets that I have. If tomorrow is indeed the end of the world, I feel pretty fine.

What about you? What regrets do you have (or should you have) that you would consider to be okay? How are you feeling about the rapture tomorrow?


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