Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Big Differences, Bigger God

There are a few people that I look for every Sunday between services. My dear friends Misty and Rich. My bandmates Eric and Rick and their lovely wives. Folks that I play with on the worship team and who help out with my kids. My new friend Chris who is one of the few people in real life that I can talk with about blogging at length (and with far fewer eye rolls afterward than I'm sure some of my friends give).

And, of course, Kit.

Alise and Kit between services on Easter
I met Kit at a David Crowder concert at our church. We talked for a little bit that night and then became Facebook friends the next day.

And I found out through Facebook, the way you often do these days, that we are very, very different. Like, polar opposite kind of different. Like, should I just go ahead and unfriend her now and save the trouble later kind of different.

You would be hard pressed to find a place where we agree. On nearly every subject, we take opposing sides. A few weeks ago we were sitting together in church and the speaker mentioned that the weather was supposed to warm up that week. I let out a groan. Kit looked at me and just started laughing because we don't even agree about what kind of weather we like.

And yet, she is one of the people that I seek out each week. Not just because she makes me feel tall (though she's one of the few people who can do that), but because the love that we share in Christ is much deeper than the areas where we disagree. So she can overlook that I'm an NPR-listening, Democrat-voting, gay-affirming liberal and I can get over her being a Beck-watching, GOP-voting, gun-toting conservative. Even though we're the kind of person that makes the other shake their head on a good day and want to throw a computer through the window on a bad day, the love we feel for one another is genuine. Because the love we feel for Jesus is genuine.

Unity isn't about being the same. Unity is about pushing through even big differences and finding that Jesus is way bigger.


This is a part of the Rally to Restore Unity synchroblog hosted by Rachel Held Evans. Be sure to check out her blog each day for tons of awesome posts about unity!


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