Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Post at JenniferLuitwieler.com

I met Jen about a year ago when I started blogging regularly and investing in the blogging community. Her writing absolutely blew me away. She has a way with words and I fell in love immediately. I've spent some time getting to know her a bit on Twitter and she's just as funny and brilliant there. Plus, she's a Pittsburgh fan, so that pretty much makes her about as awesome as anyone can be.

About six months ago she asked for guest posts. I volunteered and then promptly did nothing for like 3 months. Then I wrote half of a post, got nervous about it and sat on it for another month (if I don't have a deadline, I will do that a lot). I finally finished it WAY after she had sent the request. I figured that if she wanted to run it great, if not, no problem.

She did decide to run it and that day is today! Here's a taste:
What if I call myself a writer and someone says that my definition isn’t good enough? What if I call myself a writer and people are just laughing at me behind my back? What I call myself a writer to a REAL writer and they get mad that I’m using the same title to describe myself that they use?
Now head on over to Jen's site and check out the rest. And be sure to read around because this is someone you should be reading!


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