Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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I'm pretty sure I met KC through Rachel Held Evans's blog and then connected on Twitter. KC holds a fond place in my heart because he's one of the first people from the virtual village to call me a writer - way before I was even remotely comfortable using that term for myself. At the beginning of this year he launched his dad blog, Some Wise Guy and it's been growing steadily, recently celebrating his 100th post. I was very happy that he asked me to join the "Wise Gal Wednesday" round-up for May. It's a pretty testosterone laden space, so I appreciate that he's letting a little pink in this month.

I love the numerous resources available to us to help enrich our marriages. Books, websites, seminars, even this blog. The places that we can go for help are nearly limitless. 
But sometimes we get so inwardly focused that we forget that we also have the opportunity to help the marriages of others. Our actions both as individuals and as couples can have a positive impact on the marriages of those around us. Here are some ideas of ways that you can pour into the marriages of others.

Please swing on by KC's blog so you can read the rest. And be sure to read his post from yesterday. Awesome.


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