Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Call for Guest Posts

Yeah, well, will you sign my year book anyway?photo © 2010 S G | more info (via: Wylio)
With school wrapping up, the kids have been bringing home order forms for yearbooks.

I always loved yearbooks. I worked on the yearbook staff for several years and was the editor my senior year (given my post yesterday, that shouldn't be much of a surprise, right?). It was always fun gathering pictures from various events and trying to get as many people as possible included in the book. I remember many a long night at school, working on cropping pictures and counting pixels and writing clever, but not corny captions for photos.

But as much as I liked helping to assemble the the book, my favorite part was when we got them the following year and we would pass them around for everyone to sign. That was probably my favorite week at school - people exchanging yearbooks and writing little missives. When I visit my parents, I still like to break out my old yearbooks and read through some of the comments that people wrote in them. Sure, they're my books, but what makes them awesome to me was when other people wrote in them.

I would really like to take the month of August off from blogging here. But I don't want to let the blog go cold for a whole month. So in order to keep that from happening, I was thinking that I'd like to have a kind of guest post extravaganza! (That sounds pretty fancy, don't you think?) So many of you who read here are very talented writers and I would love to feature those talents here. I think it would be really fun to let you folks kind of have the run of the place for a month.

You can read my guest post guidelines here (and know that they are very loose guidelines - I'm pretty flexible). If you're interested in participating, you can shoot me an emailsend me a DM on Twitter or just leave me a comment below with a way to get in touch. I'd love to hear what you have to say and I'd love to share it with my readers! So let's get together and hammer out the deets!


Have you written a guest post before? What was the best thing that you had written in your yearbook? What was the best thing you wrote in someone else's yearbook?


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