Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working Together: Nuru International and CAWST

You read my blog, so you know that my favorite NGO is Nuru International. I love the work that they do. I love the people that work for it. I love the methodology they employ to empower people living in extreme poverty.

Nuru works by giving loans to people living in extreme poverty. Through these loans, people are able to purchase good grain so they are able to earn more money for their families. When they have this money, they are able to feed their families and educate their children. This creates a whole new trajectory for these families, allowing them to pull themselves from extreme poverty. The payback rate on Nuru loans is 95%, which means this works.

You can follow the excellent work that Nuru is doing through Twitter and you can also follow them on Facebook.

Because I love Nuru, it can be easy for me to see other NGOs as being in competition with them and have a bit of a negative attitude about them. But see, that's just silly. The work in Africa (and the world) is big and it takes a lot of people working together to end extreme poverty.

Which is why Nuru regularly partners with other groups to do their work. From their page:
Partnerships can be a powerful force for good. Our partnership strategy says, "If our goal is to end extreme poverty, and it's really about the poor and not getting credit, then let's put aside our brands and start working together!" Partnering with other organizations allows us to extend our reach, increase our impact, realize rapid results and avoid the ever-dreaded reinvention of the wheel.
What a great attitude!

So I want to share one of their partners with you. Check out CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology). This group provides training materials to help people improve their water and sanitation hygiene. Like Nuru, they don't believe in simply giving the people things like clean water and toilets, they teach people how to clean their water and how to build toilets. They give people the tools to empower themselves. You can find more about them by following them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Rather than competing against one another, Nuru and CAWST draw on one another's strengths for a common goal.

Two organizations, one purpose.

For more amazing humanitarian organizations, I encourage you to follow the link up below and check them out. And consider adding your own favorite group to share with us as well!

If we're working to make this a better world, we're working together.

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