Thursday, November 3, 2011

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I don't remember who retweeted this post by Tamara Lunardo, but I wish I did so I could hug them for introducing me to her. What I do remember is that when I read it, I so wanted to be friends with this chick. Like, immediately.

I don't know if our friendship was exactly immediate, however it has definitely grown over the past year. She is a beautiful person, inside and out, and I look forward to the day when our friendship can extend to a place where our laughter is louder than an LOL and our embrace can go beyond brackets.

All that to say, I'm practically giddy to be guest posting for Tamara today. And because she is definitely one of the coolest people in my virtual village, I decided to let you all know how cool I am as well.
I write a primarily Christian blog. Most of what I write about ties back into my faith. But truth be told, my faith isn’t always completely orthodox. My brain has some big questions and my mouth has a small filter. And sometimes when I write about faith-related stuff, my atheist friends don’t hate it. In fact, they’ve been known to say that some of what I have to say is reasonable, even admirable. 
When this happens, some of my fellow Christians will claim that this reaction from those outside of the faith only proves that my goal is to prove how hip and with it I am, rather than to spread the gospel. Because if there’s one thing we know about good news it’s that it pisses people off and leaves them feeling alienated. If what I’m saying about Jesus makes someone think that he might like them, then clearly it’s not the right Messiah. 
Stop over and read the rest. While you're there, do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to her site. She's brilliant and you do not want to miss a post.

Also? Be sure to check out her new project with Civitas, What A Woman Is Worth.


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