Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

Happy Sunday! These are some of my favorite posts of the week. I hope you find something that you enjoy here!
  • Ken Hagerman absolutely crushes it with this post about spending time with sinners. So beautiful.
  • Cake Wrecks had some of the best (and by best, I really, really mean worst) Thanksgiving cakes ever.
  • Did you enter to win your free pair of TOMS from Knox McCoy? You really should, you know.
  • Shawn Smucker's son wants to be an author when he grows up. Because writers are ROLLING in cash.
  • Elizabeth Esther shared joy at the grocery store.
  • Not Alone is now available for Kindle! I know that it's odd to think about giving a book about depression as a gift, but honestly, the holidays can be rough for people who struggle with depression. Not only does this book let the person dealing with depression know that they aren't going it alone, but seeing someone recognize and not judge can be pretty huge as well. You can purchase the paperback version here.
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link up your favorites below!


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