Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Post at (again!)

You read that right - Rachel Held Evans is having me back at her blog!

I had the opportunity to post at Rachel's back in March. It spurned some great conversation at her place and a follow-up post here. I'm so grateful to her for opening up her blog to me to once again share a bit more of my journey dealing with "the other."
Too often we keep people at arm’s length because we fear what might happen if we find out too much about them. We may find out that we have different theological views. Different political leanings. Different priorities. And we worry that if we discover those things, we won’t be able to find any common ground or that the commonalities that we have will disappear. We fear that our bonds of friendship will be unable to withstand the differences. We worry that our love may diminish to mere obligation.
I hope you'll head over to Rachel's blog to read the full piece.

And if you're here from Rachel's, welcome! The links on the right will get you started. Be sure to say hello - I love meeting new friends!


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