Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Ugliest Trophy in the World

Ugliest Trophy Ever
Last summer in the midst of all of the vuvuzela jokes, the FIFA World Cup was going on. This is a massive event and it only happens every four years. Thirty-two teams compete to win the ugliest trophy ever. Oh, and the glory that comes with being the world champion soccer team for the next four years. 

So imagine my surprise when I went looking for the score of the championship game from 2010.


Now, I know enough about sports to know that it was going to be a low scoring game. You don't generally see huge numbers in these contests, so I wasn't expecting some 15-12 score or anything like that. But I admit, I was a little bit surprised to see that Spain beat Holland by scoring a single goal in the final after 116 minutes of play. And from what I can see, that's pretty much the way this event is won most times. By scoring a single goal.

I get it in my brain that I need to constantly be winning. That everything I set out to do has to be The Best. And that if I can't do it really well almost immediately, I'm never going to be able to do it and shouldn't bother trying. I lose perspective of the goals that I have already met, the things that I have already accomplished.

It's easy to look at a life where we see only a few things going our way and to declare that we're unsuccessful. I think the next time I do that, I'm going to remember Spain and how it only took one goal to win one of the ugliest, most coveted trophies in the world.


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