Tuesday, March 1, 2011

John Piper is Jealous of Rob Bell's Glasses!

I'm a day late on the posts about the Rob Bell controversy (at least -- I guess since Justin Taylor's piece went up on Saturday, that makes me like 4 days late). And I've already read a ton of posts about the issue from various bloggers that I follow. But I don't feel like I can let this go without adding my voice to the crowd. Sorry.

So here are my brief thoughts (and I really will try to keep it brief):

1. I was hurt by John Piper's tweet. I'm not Rob Bell, and I know we're not supposed to take up offense for other people, but still. That one just stung. I think because I know that I believe things outside of orthodox Christian belief and it pains me to think that these beliefs not held by the majority of my brothers and sisters in Christ put me on the outside. And of course, it really kicks my heart in the ass as the wife of an unbeliever. Farewell? That's it? I don't understand why someone would be interested in participating in a religion when one (potentially) false step gets you kicked out of the club.
Envy Adams

2. If wrong theology gets you a farewell, we're all screwed. Seriously, different sects of Christianity don't agree on anything. And even people who agree on almost everything can find one place where they disagree. It's just how we are. So it would seem to me that piecing together a completely "right" bit of theology will end up with one guy sitting around in heaven, which is not exactly the banquet feast I envision. If people who follow a theology that states you must believe in Jesus don't even think that is enough because you also have to believe in hell, where does it end? To me, this idea places the idea of belief in hell as superior to belief in Christ. I don't think I'm okay with that.

3. But mostly, I think this has to do with all of the focus on Rob Bell's glasses. You know, John Piper wears glasses too. If I had to listen to people rave about Rob Bell glasses day in and day out and I wore the exact opposite kind that he had (rimless glasses instead of thick-rimmed black glasses), I'd get pretty frustrated. So frustrated that perhaps I might seriously overreact to a 2 minute book trailer before I even bothered to read the book. At the end of the day, we're all a little bit self-conscious that we're not as hip as the person next to us. That can make anyone a little grumpy. I just have to think that maybe questioning hell is simply the tipping point because of the whole glasses issue.

So what is your main take-away from this whole controversy? I've seen posts that think it has exposed a need to really tackle the theology of hell again. I've read posts that are saying we need to treat one another more kindly. I've read posts that think it's just a book and we should get over ourselves. I've read posts that think that this just exposes that each of us have our own pet theologies.

Me, I'm going to stick with the glasses theory.


We're probably all sick and tired of talking about this whole thing, so what's your favorite Scott Pilgrim quote? And if you wear glasses, do you favor the Rob Bell style or the John Piper style? And how do your favorite Scott Pilgrim quote & glasses style relate to your theology about hell?


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