Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

Some of the posts I've picked up through the week. Thanks for reading through and showering them with your comment love! (We live for that, doncha' know!)
  • I love Blog Carnival weeks. I've discovered so many amazing writers through them! This week my favorite post in the Future collection was this amazing story by Jake about learning to ride a bike
  • Rachel Held Evans absolutely killed me with her Rob Bell interview. Truly brilliant.
  • Emily Carter wrote a piece at Deeper Story that completely caught me off guard. Lovely reminder about judgment and how we're only seeing a page of the story.
  • In an anti-metrosexual worship leader post, Matt Cannon wrote a fantastic piece prophesying the demise of the hip minister.
  • Matt Appling wrote a great piece about being punched in the face by Jesus.
  • I finally sat down and watched One Punk Under God yesterday, which is a look at some of Jay Bakker's story. Watching him making the decision to come out as gay affirming felt very familiar (even though he obviously had a lot more to lose than I did). It was a fascinating watch and I highly recommend checking it out. 
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Feel free to strut your stuff!


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