Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff I've Been Reading

Hi everybody (please imagine that in Doctor Nick's voice and response appropriately)! Enjoy my favorite links from around the internet this week.
  • David Hayward over at nakedpastor had two really phenomenal posts this week. Take a minute to enjoy separation and where is the love.
  • I'm trying very hard not to be political this year, but I did like this article at Slate about claims of attacks on Rick Santorum's faith. Loved this: "This is a dodge. And when you make a dodge of faith, you cheapen it - not the least because you make the plea seem like just another political move." I think this is good for all of us to remember, political or not. We need to be careful about how quickly we jump to yelling that we're being attacked.
  • Knox McCoy just keeps topping himself. Last week I pointed you to his new e-book. This week, I want to let you know about his brilliant new idea, the My Bad Project. This is a chance for people to apologize for the times that they've been jerks in the name of Christianity. Check it out and consider how you might contribute.
  • Jeff Goins wrote a very thought-provoking piece about online friendship this week. This is an area that interests me a lot, so it was good to read his take on it. 
  • Matthew Paul Turner wrote a beautiful prayer for Lent
  • My Twitter friend PastorEmJ shared a gorgeous piece about her first grey hair at Joy Bennett's blog this week. She made me cry (and wish that she blogged regularly).
  • I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. But I've got to say, this Awkward Family Photo is
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Leave a link in the comments!


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