Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tell Me About You

Unicorn Silly Bandz Unicorn Macros July 09, 20102photo © 2010 Steven Depolo | more info (via: Wylio)

In the past month I've picked up some new readers (hello!) and I love that. But talking about things like women's rights and doubt and homosexuality don't really let us get to KNOW one another the way we should. So I thought that perhaps today we could take a minute to delve into a deeper analysis of my readers. Hold on to your seats. This could be uncomfortable.
  1. If you were creating your perfect Pandora channel, what bands would you include?
  2. Ben & Jerry's have asked you to design a new ice cream flavor. What is in it and (more importantly) what is it called?
  3. My kids want a new packet of silly bands (always). If I pick up the "you" packet, what shapes will it include?
Thanks for reading! You guys make this journey much more fun. 


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