Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guest Post at The Screaming Kettle At Home

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to have David Nilsen of The Screaming Kettle guest post (and if you missed it, remedy that immediately). This week, he's lucky enough to have me posting for him!

Honestly though, I'm always a little amazed that folks not obligated by blood, marriage or firearm want to read what I have to write and even more amazed that people will open up their own sites to let me post. It's a huge honor every time and I get totally nervous every time.
Kids ask questions all the time. That’s part of being a kid. The thing is that I ask questions all the time too. I’m okay with my own questions and I recognize that not all questions have answers. But when it’s my kids, I get nervous. (read more)
Please take a minute to head over to David's site and share your comments. Surf around, because he is a delightful writer and you will be entertained and moved. And if you're stopping by from David's blog, welcome! Be sure to subscribe to my feed so you don't miss out on anything here.


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