Friday, April 15, 2011

Guest Post at for Not Alone

When I tell people that I blog, it can be met with some interesting reactions, though mostly I think it's apathy. I write for free on the internet. Just like millions of other people. Woo-hoo.

But I'm reminded all the time why I love doing this. I have connected with a phenomenal group of writers all over the country who have given me support way beyond what I could have imagined. Last week when I posted my silly vlog, making a plea for more submissions to the Not Alone book, I received not only some additional inquiries, which is fantastic, but also several offers to donate ad space for the project and a few opportunities to post about it on other sites. The generosity that the blogging community has shown me just knocks me over.

Today my friend Shawn Smucker is hosting a post I wrote about the project. I am so grateful to him for offering once again to allow me to write about something that is so dear to my heart on his blog. Giving up your space to let someone else write is always a gamble, and I appreciate it every time.

So stop on over to Shawn's blog and check out my piece. Thanks friends!

(If you would be interested in donating ad space for the Not Alone call for submission like the one on the right here, or would be interested in a guest post about the book,leave me a comment or send me an email. And if you're interested in submitting your story for the Not Alone book, be sure to check out the project document on the Civitas website. Thanks so much!)


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