Friday, April 8, 2011

Putting an End to Terrorism

I have friends who are very committed to non-violence. They've written about it, they talk about it, they live it. I find that really admirable, because as much as it's something that I like the idea of, I don't know that it plays out in my real life so well. I mean, one of my all-time favorite movies is Fight Club. So yeah.

But I will say that I see violence surrounding us and it often just depresses me. And it is particularly upsetting when I see it being addressed with more violence. I'm not automatically opposed to all wars, but I do sometimes wonder if more guns and soldiers can really stop violence when you're dealing with terrorism and a seemingly endless supply of men, women and children who are so caught in a web of poverty and personal tragedy to have any way to avoid being sacrificed in a mad-man's delusion.

Nuru's CEO Jake Harriman was a commander in the Infantry and Force Recon, so these are issues that he dealt with very personally while fighting in Iraq. In the following video, he tells a gripping story of how he came to realize that terrorism cannot be defeated through violent means.

The End (Jake's Story) from Nuru International on Vimeo.

As I mentioned last week, several of my friends and I are blogging to raise money for Nuru International. One thing that Nuru provides through it's program is a way for those in extreme poverty to say no to joining terrorist forces. When a person has no way to provide for their family, they have very limited choices. But through the help and training that they receive from Nuru, they are able to create choices for their day to day life and those choices can lead to a path away from terrorism and away from violence.

Often something like terrorism seems to huge to tackle, but we have our own choice available to us today to help put an end to this problem. As you pray for peace, please consider making a donation to Nuru as well. If you choose to donate, please include the phrase "24/7 Project" in the donation box so we can track how we're doing on our goal. And of course, I'd ask that you consider writing your own post about Nuru or sharing a link to their site on your facebook page or twitter feed and asking your friends to join in to support this very worthy cause.

Be hope. Be light. Be Nuru.


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