Friday, January 6, 2012

What If...

'Question Mark' photo (c) 2011, Ranjith Siji - license:
What if... auditioned for that play? made the first move in pursuing friendship? took a pottery class?

What if... sang out loud the song that's in your heart? let the words in your head bleed all over the page? danced with your whole body?

What if... spoke up when you saw injustice? celebrated small victories? questioned the status quo?

What if... forgave more? laughed more? believed more?

What would you learn about yourself? How would your life change?


If you've overcome the objections, the worries, the fears about a "what if..." moment, I invite you to share your story in the upcoming Not Afraid: Finding Stories of Significance book that I'm compiling with Civitas Press. I am accepting submissions through January 31, and I would love to read how you overcame fear and what it taught you about yourself. 


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