Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Post at JesusNeedsNewPR.net

I read Matthew Paul Turner's book Hear No Evil last May and absolutely loved it. Even though we had very different upbringings (you can get a free audio version of his book Churched here - I highly recommend giving it a listen!), our recollections and love of music were very similar. He's an amazing story teller and I geeked out for like a week when he complimented my writing on a guest post I wrote.

Matthew is incredibly generous and encouraging. No, he doesn't let people get away with crap, but he doesn't let himself get away with crap either, and I deeply admire that about him. He is also very honest about his struggles with faith and the Church as the result of his church history, and that includes his own dealings with depression.

I'm thankful to Matthew for allowing me to post at his place today (which is generally a fun, entertaining place, so don't think that this piece is indicative of the regular content!).

If we met in real life, within just a few minutes you would realize that you will never, ever have a problem hearing me. I have what some might call a distinct voice. Most will probably just call it loud.
You would also quickly notice that I have a loud personality. It wouldn’t take us long to be chatting it up about something, from the mundane like the best flavor of cheesecake to something deeper like the importance of hell in a discussion about salvation to something really important like who is your favorite Bluth.
But as the grey days of autumn pile up, I find my mood becomes more muted as well. 
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