Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

Happy Sunday! Time for some of my favorites from the week. I hope you find something worth checking out here.
  • In the "if you read nothing else, read this" category for this week, I highly recommend checking out this piece about how we're all members of Westboro Baptist by Caleb Wilde over at He absolutely knocks it out of the park with this one. 
  • Tamara wrote a stunningly beautiful piece about light out of darkness. She mostly makes me laugh, but I love her redemption stories as well. This is lovely.
  • Kristin Tennant wrote a wonderful essay about our kids' safety. As I'm just a week away from sending my oldest off to high school band camp even though she's only in eighth grade, this was a great read for me.
  • You will note that nearly all of the photos that I use here on the blog come are attributed and formatted and come from my favorite place to find pics, Wylio. It is the easiest service in the world to use and I. Love. It. I recently upgraded my account to Premium because I really support what they're doing, and because of that, it means that I also have been upgraded to Pro for a bit. Check out their promotion and consider it!
  • My most favorite band of all time released their latest album this week. You can pick up a copy of Join Us by They Might Be Giants for just $7.99 on Amazon. It's very fun and I highly recommend it. (affiliate link)
  • I absolutely love the Reluctant Runners site because it is me. Another friend of the blog, Knox McCoy guest posted over there this week. Even though I'm pretty sure this applies to men more than women, I got a giggle out of his post about peeing when running. And Katie's first comment is about the most shocking thing ever.
  • Speaking of running, Misty Chaffins posted this up on Facebook this week. I want to go to there. How can this NOT be my first 5k? I'm thinking I may be requesting an early Christmas present of an expensive entrance fee and hotel room and beer money. Because adding zombies and beer to a 5k makes it like, the best thing ever, right?
What did you read/write/watch/listen to this week that moved you? I'd love it if you'd share your writing with me!


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