Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

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I was commenting to Shawn Smucker about how one of his posts was one of my top most stuck in my brain posts of all time and our mutual friend David asked me for a list. Understand, I suck at "favorite" lists because for me they tend to be pretty fluid and I don't use the word "favorite" the way it's supposed to be used, but these posts tend to jump to my brain when I hear certain topics being discussed. The following are not in any particular order other than the order that I put them in. But don't assign any special meaning to that.
  • What's Wrong With John 3:16? by Shawn Smucker - Truly, every time someone quotes that passage, I think about this post. So I think about it often. I probably link to it on Twitter about every couple of months because it has just so changed the way I approach the idea of the gospel. Shawn turns out consistently good content, but this one challenged me in a way that is very profound and I'm so thankful for these words.
  • Thinking You're Naked by Jon Acuff - I actually missed this on his blog the first time around and heard it when I was listening to the Stuff Christians Like audio book in my car. I had to pull over to the side of the road because I was crying so hard. At a time when I was really trying hard to face some old, deep fears, this was something that I desperately needed to hear. I re-read this post fairly often. Its message is one that I need to hear over and over again.
  • Coping With Disappointment When Calvinists Refuse to be Jerks by David Nilsen - I know it's probably not cool to link to something that was published on your own blog, but since I didn't write it, I'm bending the rules a bit. Seriously, this is an inspired piece about remembering that just because we expect to disagree with someone doesn't mean that A) we actually WILL disagree or B) they'll be jerks about it if we do. Get ready - David has another absolutely fantastic piece coming up next month.
  • Better Conversations About "Biblical Womanhood" (Part 2) by Rachel Held Evans - Honestly, it's hard for me to pick a favorite piece by Rachel because everything she writes is just so dang good. But her thoughts here about using "biblical" as a modifier are just fantastic. I sincerely hope that some day I get to buy her a coffee (or whatever she's drinking now that she's not doing caffeine) in person because I seriously admire her (in a hopefully non-stalkerish way).
  • Depression, Hope and Travis Tritt by Matt Cannon (SeekingPastor) - If you read Matt's blog, he doesn't come across as the kind of guy who would struggle with depression. But in this incredibly poignant and honest piece, Matt shares his struggles and reminds me to never assume that a person is outside of the grasp of depression. His story is beautiful and through many stories of depression that I've read over the past year, his is one that still stands out to me. 
Honestly, I've been moved by a lot of posts that I've read. Your words have changed me and challenged me and, I hope, left me a better person. 


What is something that someone else has written that has changed you or stuck with you? 


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