Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

My weekly collection of things that I've found to be interesting around the webernets. I hope that you find something that intrigues you!
  • Lost in the uproar about a woman daring to correct a man, Rachel wrote a lovely piece about being kind to ourselves. I hope that she took this advice to heart this week, especially with the harshness of some of the criticism she received. 
  • In another week of Driscoll related posts, I really appreciated this one from Preston Yancey. He takes a look at some biblical men and suggests that perhaps mannerisms aren't the real issue
  • Karen Swallow Prior wrote a lovely piece about the It Gets Better project and the reaction of much of the Church to it. 
  • In a "get out of my brain" moment, Matthew Paul Turner writes a confession detailing what he believes and what he knows. I'm so thankful for folks who can articulate these things so much better than I can!
  • I loved the lessons that Mason Slater learned from Severus Snape. If you haven't watched the movie/read the books, then shame on you (and probably more importantly, his post contains some big time spoilers, so be aware).
  • And in the Harry Potter vein, I was howling at this review of the last movie over at Slate from two people who had never seen any of the movies or read any of the books. A must read for fan boys and girls.
What did you read/write/watch/listen to this week that moved you? Please share your work, I love to see what you're doing!


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