Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stuff I've Been Reading

I'm posting this from my hotel room in Charleston, WV, after last night's premier of the Gluteus Miximus. But I don't want you to miss these awesome posts from the week. And I don't really want to drive back home. This would be a good time for that teleportation device that Sara mentioned last week in the Tell Me About You post. Anyway, enough chatter, on with the linkage!

  • Dianna Anderson wrote a fantastic response to the "I'd rather have a Proverbs 31 Woman than a Victoria's Secret Model" campaign. I don't think these guys had any negative intent, but she breaks down some huge problems with it really well.
  • I love it when Tamara Lunardo gets to writing poetry. This woman is a wordsmith of the first order.
  • Tony Alicea wrote about how even well-meaning labels can be problematic. (And yes, it's not lost on me that the word that I used to describe Tony when he guest posted here this summer was "nice." I still think that he is, but this post is good, because no one likes to be a single label.)
  • Rachel Held Evans has been finishing her book, but she took a minute this week to bang out this gorgeous post about the place of women in the Church. 
  • I cannot wait to hear the whooping and hollering from Shawn Smucker's family in a couple of days. This post made me cry those good, good tears.
  • This is not from this week, but I only discovered it this week. In case you haven't guessed, I love to mock Klout. Some friends and I were chatting on Facebook about it, and my publisher pointed us to this. For the record, my Flout score is 250000. Top THAT. (It should be easy, since you get to set your own score.)
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link up your favorites!


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