Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knox McCoy is Wrong

When it comes to The Bachelor, Knox McCoy is pretty much the best source of how it relates to the Christian faith. If you're watching The Walking Dead, Knox is your man for amazing recaps. And if you want to count to ostrich, look no further than Knox's Manifesto for this information.

Knox is awesome. I mean, he's the freaking mayor of Awesometown, so of COURSE he's awesome.

Normally, whatever Knox does, I encourage you to support it.

But not today.

Clay Morgan is hosting the second annual (First annual? Since the first time wasn't annual yet?) March Movie Madness. He asked us to pick a protagonist from a film and then created a bracket for all 64 of the choices.

I chose the incomparable William H. Macy as The Shoveler for my protagonist. If you've been around here for a long time, you know that I love that character. He's a good dad, a good husband, a good friend, a good hero. I crush on Macy anyway, and I heavily crush on Macy as The Shoveler.

But goodness and crushes aside, I'm up against Knox McCoy in the challenge. And more importantly, my dear, dear Shoveler is up against Jack Sparrow.

Now, I've got nothing against Captain Jack (even though he's not even the right Captain Jack). He has a pretty good hat (though The Shoveler has a better one). But come ON.

The Shoveler is all about honesty and serving the greater good. Jack Sparrow is just focused on himself. Anything that benefits anyone else is simply a happy accident, but it's never his intention.

The Shoveler knows that one really fantastic movie is enough. Jack Sparrow continues in unending sequels that just keep getting more elaborate (read: annoying) as they go along.

The Shoveler is inspiring. He is able to rally an entire crew of terrified super(ish) heroes to take down THE super villain using just an egg salad sandwich. Jack Sparrow gets eaten by a Kraken.

I love Knox, but today he is wrong. And you need to let him know that he is wrong by heading over to Clay's site right now and voting for The Shoveler over Jack Sparrow. The world doesn't need another sellout, mainstream, rockstar protagonist winning again. Help the under-dog and go vote for The Shoveler.


Who is your favorite movie protagonist? Feel free to say something nice about Knox if you'd like, but make sure you vote for The Shoveler


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