Saturday, January 8, 2011


New welcome mat from my parentsphoto © 2007 The McClouds | more info (via: Wylio)
Thanks so much for making the trip over here!

It feels weird to be writing on a new blog. Like, seriously weird.

But good.

So, what can you expect from me at this blog?

This is where my "serious" posts will go. Posts that are actually about faith, family, friendship (and the occasional killer robot). I love the free-for-all feel over at my other blog, but it was feeling cluttered and I don't want that. I'm a naturally messy person, but this is one area in my life where I can keep things a bit more separated and neat.

As I said when I announced the move, I hope that by separating into two blogs, I will have an opportunity to improve content at both sites. It's important to me to not just put out content, but to put out something that is worth reading. Stuff that is informative, thoughtful, fun. I hope that this move will help me do that at a higher level.

My intention right now is to have three posts here a week, plus the (I hope) weekly posts to the Not Alone series. Maybe two posts. Maybe four. Something like that. But I'm going to shoot for a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And personally, I'm hoping to be less obsessive about stats over here. I get pretty neurotic checking them at the other site, and my goal here is to just spend time writing and not really worrying about who does and doesn't read. I certainly hope that you stop by and read (are you there now? I'd better check...), but I'm going to try hard not to care. We'll see how that works.

Thank you for sticking with me while I sort out this whole writing thing. I appreciate those who have been with me on the journey so far and for those of you just joining us along the path, welcome!


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