Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stuff I've Been Reading

Hello! Most of what follows is not an April Fool's Prank. But there's always one joker in the crowd. It should be pretty easy to tease this one out.
  • My friend Bob Slatt shared this sermon with me last week. Oh my goodness. This is a powerful and beautiful discussion about the command to love. Love, love, love this.
  • Preston Yancey posted over at Deeper Story about using the Eucharist as a weapon. A wonderful reminder of choosing to be defined by what we are rather than by what we are not.
  • I absolutely adored this WWJD post by Addie Zierman. So eloquently discussed.
  • An important reminder from Kristin Tennant that "the way things are" isn't the way God intended for them to be.
  • Jen Luitwieler wrote a fantastic piece about maintaining focus for Lisa Colon DeLay's Spiritual Guidance for Bloggers series. 
  • Ed Cyzewski has a new e-book available. Ed is a seminary graduate, and today he puts his training to use to bring us a new Bible translation in The Tweets of the Apostles. You can download the book for free at Ed's site or help him out by paying a buck for it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Pssst...I've read it. It's funny and definitely worth your $.99.)
What have you read/written/watched/listened to this week that moved you? Link it up in the comments!


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